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Kinwood DeVore is the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Fresh Start House, a faith-based 24-hour residential drug rehabilitation treatment facility for men. Although Mr. DeVore has been involved in counseling addicts and their families for the past 30 years, he has also worked as Chaplain for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office at Santa Rita Jail for seven years; five of those years he served as Supervising Chaplain. His position involved managing more than 300 volunteers from many different religious faiths to work together as a team to share a general message with the inmates that might cause them to never again return to custody.

Mr. DeVore is also a motivational speaker and has presented to audiences all over the United States. He has also been a gospel minister for the past 36 years, and he currently ministers to the Metropolitan Church of Christ, a church that has received more than 40 awards for gang diffusion and curbing the dropout rate among high school and middle school students in San Francisco in the 1990s. Mr. DeVore, along with the members of the Metropolitan Church of Christ, started the Metropolitan Fresh Start House, which is now independent, and in its 17th year of operation.

Mr. DeVore grew up in San Francisco where he completed elementary, junior high, and high school before attending City College of San Francisco where he was a track star; he holds unbroken records in the high hurdles. He moved to the East Bay where he graduated from the Bay Area School of Religion in 1974, then moved to Southern California, where he worked as the Minister of Evangelism for the Inglewood Church of Christ, then a Pulpit Minister for the West Adams Church of Christ in Los Angeles.

Mr. DeVore has been married for 38 years, has six children and four grandchildren. Although his passion is working with people, he returned to his beloved San Francisco in 1988, for one reason: to save lives.